EXPO 2018: May 17 - 20
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Hi folks


Well Spring is almost around the corner, I think, and along with Spring comes The Northeast Livestock Expo (NELE) Boer Goat Show and Sale. Our sale is being held on Saturday May 20th at 12:30 pm and the ABGA Sanctioned show will begin at 10:00 am on Sunday May 20th.


 The show information is attached….BE SURE TO NOTICE….there are NO entry OR pen fees.


I have also included a shortcut for filling out your entries too….just send me a list of the registration numbers of the animals you plan on showing and I will do the rest for you. However, if you prefer to fill out your own entries I have also included an entry form, list of classes, and a calculated “age / class” page to help you.


NELE is a multi- species expo that includes several events throughout the weekend for youth to participate in. There is a pizza and sandwich party Friday night which is followed by a farmers’ Olympic contest. Other events include an animal costume class, youth cook off, a poster contest, and several other events for the youth to participate in. Be sure to check web site for more information on day and times. www.northeastlivestockexpo.com


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Fred Homeyer will be the judge for our show and will also be holding one of his famous seminars on Saturday May 20th at 10:00 am.  Dr Homeyer is world renown as a lecturer and has gained prominence for his exceptional presentations. He is a human book of knowledge pertaining to the Boer Goat breed which he shares through his seminars.  Dr. Homeyer was one of the first breeders to import some of the original Boer Goats from South Africa making him a true pioneer of the Boer Goat Industry who you won’t want to miss.


At this time we are also accepting consignments for our Boer Goat sale. A small commission of 10% is the only fee charged to sell an animal.


 If you would like to support our sale please contact either Curtis Prime at 207-242-3341…..crlprime@aol.com, or Scott Williams at 207-578-9399….sdewilliams@live.com.


We would certainly appreciate you passing on the information about our upcoming events.


Looking forward to hearing from you.



Curtis or Linda Prime                                Scott or Denise Williams

207-242-3341                                            207-578-9399

207-458-8566                                            sdewilliams@live.com


Download forms and information by clicking on the links below:

2017 Exhibitor Information

2017 Rules and Information

2017 Classes

2017 Calculated Classes

2017 Entry Form

Junior Boer Goat Exhibitors - Please be sure you register on the general NELE registration site as well as through the links on this page.

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